Learn with Rawbert, New England's Premier Raw Foods Educator & Chef.  Rawbert has been teaching since 1997 and is the original chef founder of the Organic Garden Cafe, established in 1999, the 2nd longest-running restaurant featuring enzyme-rich menu items in the world. Of course the Cafe's menu has evolved to offer much more than gourmet rawfood, and Rawbert shares that knowledge as well. (As of Jan 1, 2024 the cafe is under new management that maintain a sustainable and vegetarian menu)



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Saturday 9:30am to 4pm




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Download years of experience in 1 incredible day!

Accelerate your knowledge, skills & MOMENTUM to wellness.

Bring carefully chosen essential recipes into your daily routine.


· critical chef skills & theory for efficiency & safety

· a dozen recipes taught, demonstrated and served!

· dozens of techniques & equipment handling

UNDERSTAND the Essentials for Radiant Health

· pH Acid/alkaline balance, digestion & detox, key nutrition

· hygiene, muscle building & lifestyle

This class includes not one but two rawfood buffets!!

Attendees receive Rawbert's 100 page Chef Training Manual which includes:

A) all the principles to radiant health and raw nutrition including: Basic Fact's About Raw Plant Foods, Food Combining Guide, quick guide to Ayurveda, The True (Underlying) Causes of Disease, Eating while Traveling,

B) all of the basics of raw chef theory including Sprouting, Dehydration, Measurements And Conversion Guides, Spice Table, Overview Of All Types Of Equipment;

C) dozens of Rawbert and Organic Garden Café's best Gourmet Rawfood Recipes, Rawbert's cooked winter and easy macrobiotic recipes.

D) Fundamental Meal-Planning Ideas, Quick & Easy Snacks

Take advantage of this powerful tool to advance you forward in creating the health and life you've been dreaming about!

Chef Rawbert is dedicated to bringing out the little raw chef in you!

The Recipes

1.     Green Juice Demo with BEST SLOW juicer

2.     Root Veggie Juice with BEST CENTRIFUGAL juicer

3.     Wheatgrass

4.     Green Smoothie

5.     Almond Milk with mini Almond Cow

6.     Fruit Cutting Demo

    SERVE Breakfast (superfoods and granola with almond milk & fruits)

7.     Lemon Tahini dressing

8.     Kale Chips!

9. Avo Kale Salad

10. Sunburger

11. Lemon Cheesecake

12. Simple Asian Salad Slaw

13. Basic Nut Cheese

14. Cashew Chunk Cookie

15. Dark Chocolate

16. Quick Balsamic /Asian Vinaigrette

FUNdamentals of Rawfood: 101

· Raw Nutrition Basics & Underlying Causes of Disease

· Understanding Detox, Basic Cleansing Programs

· Green Juices & smoothies

· Breakfasts - nut milks, morning seed sauces & porridge, 'throw-together-granola'

· How to sprout and handle all types of seeds, nuts and grains for recipes

· Basic measures and equivalents

· Knife Cutting techniques: tips for handling challenging fruits, chopping, dicing, mincing, julienning, chiffonade

· What equipment to purchase for your budget; blenders, juicers, food processors & dehydrators

· Salads & Easy Asian Slaws

· Soups, sauces & spreads

· Easy raw desserts; cookies, macaroons & bites

· Tips for simple 'almost raw' meal planning

· Dehydration Theory and Safety

· How to convert cooked recipes into raw recipes.

· How to make Granola, Trail Mixes, Snacks

· How to make Crackers, Kale Chips and Pizza Crusts

· How to make savory awesome Sun Burgers & Entree items to delight family

· Raw Chocolate

Other topics sometimes discussed to varying degrees based on the amount of time & questions by class attendees

· Alkalizing the body with alkaline foods

· Food Combining Principles

· Principles of Macrobiotic cooking and how they integrate with a 70% or higher rawfood diet

· Winter & Seasonal Eating Recipes and Tips

This is going to be a big class, over 25 people. This makes it even more exciting and you will meet many interesting like-minded people!

Testimonials from our last class

This class was just what I needed. This will put me & my family on a path to health. For me this class has been life changing - Linda


Excellent class! Learned so much, __ off to buy a dehydrator I go! Rawbert really knows his 'shitake', loved all the discussion and tips; done VERY well for the amount of info we discussed! - Jan


Thanks for sharing so many valuable tools and recipes - Terrific! - Lisa


Excellent! Best class I have been to - Basics of Life! I felt hi-energy at the end of 2 days; unusual when I am at a seminar - Cindy


Joyful experience, I feel motivated and a deeper commitment as well confirmation of raw food lifestyle. A big HUGE thank you for sharing your gift with me! Can't wait to get home and practice the new raw recipes - Laurie


Rawbert is very passionate about teaching the principles of a raw food lifestyle. The class was very comprehensive & the food delicious! Excellent overall experience - Lissa

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